Non-slip paper is an intermediate layer produced with special materials in order to ensure that products palletized in the logistics departments of manufacturing companies do not slip. Anti-slip papers used between product layers provide an excellent solution for stabilizing and protecting various packagings such as cardboard and nylon.

Carta Pack non-slip papers are produced in the desired weight and dimensions in line with the demands of our customers. Our products have a 40-45 degree retention feature that prevents slippery on all kinds of packaging surfaces.

  • Product Features:
    • Environmentally friendly and suitable for 100% recycling.
    • Suitable for food packaging.
    • It has the feature of being reusable in in-warehouse transfers.
    • Provides a high level of retention compared to normal paper separators.
    • Double-sided.
    • Offers automatic and manual application.
    • Produced with the highest quality materials but economical.
Product Benefits:
  • Ensures that products remain stable on pallets while being transported and stored.
  • Reduces or completely eliminates the use of Stretch Wrap by 50%.
  • By preventing loss and damage to products, the company significantly reduces costs.
  • Minimizes the loss of space in storage areas.
  • Provides waste reduction.
  • Thanks to its protective surface, it prevents scratches and jolts.
  • Increases the prestige of your company as it prevents damage to your products and load slippage.


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